RENEW recycled fiber

RENEW™ Recycled eco-friendly fiber

· Compound function—Recycled + functional fiber materials stimulate the unlimited potential of sustainable textiles.

· Excellent quality—Strictly control the source of raw materials, extend the life cycle of textiles, and support circular economy.

· SolutionInnovation of the industrial chain, a comprehensive solution that empowers the brand to be sustainable.

Make sustainable products an "inevitability"

Recycled environmental protection series

In 2021, Wuhe Fiber and Veolia Huafei Group will launch the RENEW™ recycled polyester staple fiber project, and jointly build the RENEW™ brand and launch a new generation of recycled polyester fiber. Veolia Huafei is the only dedicated supplier of recycled chip raw materials for RENEW fiber.

The French Veolia Group is a benchmark enterprise in the field of global resource optimization management, a Fortune 500 company, and a global leader in the field of plastic recycling. The group designs and implements solutions in water, waste and energy management to support the sustainable development of towns and enterprises.

More advanced material management

It uses high-quality post-consumer PET beverage bottles as raw materials, implements the most stringent industry standards for recycling and screening, and is manufactured with advanced equipment certified by GRS (Global Recycling Standards). Bottle flakes can be classified and controlled to achieve the sorting of color, original bottle brand, and bottle type to ensure a single, stable and pure source.




High temperature disinfection


Automatic and manual sorting



Bottle cleaning


Hot wash





Bottle flakes hot wash

More advanced preparation technology

Manufacture recycled PET particles according to the high quality standard, through hot washing, vacuum purification with Erima, and double melting filtration, which are granulated by uniform high-purity melt flow. In the spinning process,we adopt unique regeneration technology,strict index and advanced process to ensure the superior quality and stability of RENEW™  fiber.

Recycled particles R-PET chips


RENEW™ Fiber preparation


More transparent traceability technology

Regarding the commercial use of regeneration technology, the issue of certification and traceability has always been a pain point in the industry.

  • It can be tested track agent content/concentration 100% to test whether using RENEW™ fiber products. Full link traceability can be realized from fiber to garment.
  • The detection is efficient and accurate, and at the same time, it helps to realize the closed loop of GRS certification in the industry chain, reduces the TC issuance process in the middle of production, and efficiently serves the needs of end customers.
Recycled environmental protection series

More comprehensive sustainable consumption solutions

In 2021, the world premiere of RENEW™ tag is officially launched

  • Veolia Huafei and Wuhe Fiber will jointly promote the use of tags at home and abroad to help sustainable consumption practices.

RENEW™ Tag application process

· The representative of the applicant submits a tag application

· Submit product related certification documents

     · Submit a 2m sample cloth and attach a test report

     · Provide scanned copies of yarn purchase invoices or purchase and sale contracts

     · Submit scanned copies of fabric and garment purchase orders and garment samples (or contact                     

· Wuhe Fiber Tag Management Department from the brand)

· After the company reviews and confirms, it will issue the tag. (The distribution time is received within 10 working days from the date of receipt of the application materials)

Authoritative international certification system

Global recycling standard certification


RENEW™ has the GRS global recycling standard certification. The sectors cover: social responsibility, environmental, chemicals, product regeneration components and supply chain requirements.


The OBP Ocean Boundary Plastic Recycling Certification is applicable to the plastic recycling industry chain at the river or ocean boundary, covering the collection of defined plastic waste, using recycled materials as raw materials to process raw materials into products and sales.

International security guarantee


Obtained the Swiss STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, eco-textile label. Test contents include: formaldehyde, heavy metals, chlorinated phenols (PCP/TeCP) and OPP, azo fuels, etc.


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confirmed that the production system of recycled polyester chips (PCR-PET) has passed the official approval of the U.S. FDA. It can be used in the food packaging industry.


The European Union believes that baby bottles containing bisphenol A will induce precocious puberty. From March 2, 2011, the production of baby bottles containing the chemical substance bisphenol A (BPA) is prohibited. Now it has been expanded to the safety requirements in the textile field.

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